The International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) will feature presentations on bathymetric applications when the three-day conference takes place in Denver on Feb. 17-19.

Experts in bathymetric LiDAR will talk about the latest technological advances and recent projects, highlighting actual experiences and lessons learned.ilmf_inbody.jpg

Bathymetry involves mapping coastal zones and shallow water by using aircraft equipped with a LiDAR system to measure and chart the depths and shapes of submerged terrain along shorelines and other shallow water areas to generate a 3D elevation model of the underwater topography.

Among the applications for bathymetric LiDAR data are flood hazard assessments, natural resource exploration and undersea cable and pipeline route planning.

Amar Nayegandhi of Dewberry will give a presentation on determining reliable water surface returns in airborne LiDAR topobathymetry at the start of ILMF.

Other bathymetric presentations at ILMF:

  • AmeliaVincent of URS Corporation will deliver a cost-benefits analysis on LiDAR processing vs. hydraulics and hydrology (H&H) modeling.
  • Swante Welander of Airborne Hydrography will explore survey results from the Hawkeye III, a combined multi-sensor LiDAR system with two bathymetric channels and one topographic channels.
  • Joong-Young Park of Optech will demonstrate his company’s airborne LiDAR system.
  • Alvan Karlin of the Southwest Florida Water Management Division will look at the use of a Riegl VQ-820-G airborne laser scanner to collect topo-bathymetric LiDAR data for a coastal restoration project near Tampa, Fla.
  • Peter Shih, a professor at National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan will discuss the effectiveness of using green-wavelength LiDAR systems for bathymetric mapping.

For a complete program and for registration information, go to the ILMF website.