An Important Issue

Jeff Lucas’ article is totally representative of the concerns that the true professional surveyor has in this country. This topic needs to front and center for more discussion and sooner the better. Robillard, Wilson and Brown have been preaching to this concern for years but the technical standard  folks apparently don’t get it. You can saturate POB with the latest technology but this topic is our biggest concern. Please take this opportunity and have POB make a difference.

J. Michael Cassady, PLS

Gulfport, MS


In Support of Standards

I had to write to POB about Jeff Lucas’ last column on technical standards.  It has been a hot topic here in Florida for many of us, and I always find it odd when the fact that most of us have technical standards that we follow and then state that these rules are stopping us somehow from working or as Jeff said, simply provide cover for bad practitioners. That’s just not the case. I have not talked one person that told me (to my face) that they couldn’t meet their technical standards, not one. Then I hear the line that no other profession technical standards. To make my point on this, I have one of the PE’s in our firm go a put all the standards that he had to follow on the last small project he did and sit them on the conference room table. The photo attached is the result. The green book on the left is the whole set of rules for Florida that I had followed to survey the lot, and the rest is what he had to follow for the engineering on the same lot—and that wasn’t all of them.

The fact is that most bad practitioners can’t meet the technical standards either is in my view the single best case for having them. There is nothing that stops your state from going after practitioners that are unprofessional, but it’s very hard to do without any standards.

Allen Nobles, LS



Online comments

Angus W. Stocking’s article on surveyors’ work repairing Route 35 in New Jersey in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy drew praise from one reader.

Excellent article

Thank you Mr. Stocking and POB for preparing an article commending the professional surveyors’ role in The Miracle of Route 35. As the first PLS at the Mantoloking, N.J. site the morning after landfall, I can say the feeling of shock was certainly one of many emotions I personally felt. But that feeling quickly subsided, and the feeling of "what can I do to help" quickly took over. I was proud to be one of a host professional surveyors who came to the site along Route 35 in Ocean County, NJ to help rebuild the Jersey Shore. Surveyors led the way to restore what had been wiped away overnight by Superstorm Sandy. Every Professional Surveyor I had the pleasure of work alongside throughout the days and weeks after the storm embraced their role in assisting to "Restore the Shore." The response from our representative, Mr. Frank Lenik, PLS, of Leica Geosystems, was outstanding, he was available for every technical support call we made during our effort. Nothing gets built right or restored without a good survey!

 John Rossi