SmartNet North America has released new tools to improve GNSS productivity and support, including additional support tools, online Rover Error Logs and a RINEX Project Tool.

With the launch of the new SmartNet Portal last year, SmartNet added a completely new support ticketing system along with an online Knowledge Base. To ensure Rinex_inbodyusers get support and help, SmartNet has now launched a new Live Support Chat feature directly on the SmartNet User Portal.

With the online Rover Error Logs, users who are logged into the SmartNet User Portal can see any rover errors that are recorded in their account. These logs also contain links to online Knowledge Base articles that provide the user with corrective steps that can be taken to provide error resolution in the field.

The new RINEX Project Tool provides a unified tool for end users to retrieve RINEX data directly through the SmartNet User Portal. By selecting the desired area on the SmartNet map, users can choose from the eight closest stations. From there, they can select other project parameters such as the date, time and duration of the project. All project data is accessible at any time through the portal along with related quality control data.

SmartNet North America is open to all makes and models of GNSS equipment and is designed for high reliability. The network RTK service continued to offer reliable corrections throughout the recent United States federal government shutdown when NGS data was unavailable. The new tools were developed based on user feedback regarding features they would like to see in a network RTK service.

SmartNet is holding a webinar for all SmartNet end users on Thursday, Oct. 24, at 3 pm EDT. To register for the webinar, go to