SmartNet North America, the high-precision, high-availability network RTK correction service, has launched a new integrated cellular data service package called SmartConnect. Designed to simplify Internet connectivity with GNSS equipment, SmartConnect is a bundled service that allows SmartNet customers to access the SmartNet RTK correction services as well as other related online services requiring the Internet, such as ActiveAssist, Exchange and field-to-office file transfer.

SmartNet customers who opt for the SmartConnect package receive a SIM card that provides instant Internet connectivity. Both the SmartNet and SmartConnect services are included on the same monthly invoice, which simplifies billing. Users can choose from a standard, professional or professional-plus package with service terms that coincide with their SmartNet subscriptions from a single month to a year. For troubleshooting, users contact the SmartNet Help Desk for immediate access to knowledgeable professionals who can determine whether the issue relates to the equipment, network RTK service or data service and can provide complete support.

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