FARO unveiled its new Focus 3D X 330 Laser Scanner at Intergeo 2013 in Essen, Germany.

New features of the Focus 3D include greater range, auto-positioning via GPS and extra noise reduction.Faro_focus_inbody

The Focus 3D X 330 can scan objects up to 330 meters away, and it also can scan in full sunlight.

It includes an integrated GPS receiver, allowing the laser scanner to correlate individual scans in post-processing. Bernd Becker, FARO’s chief technology strategist, said the Focus 3D X 330 is ideal for applications such as scanning open-pit mines and infrastructure such as bridges.

The laser scanner also is lightweight and comes with a rugged cover to help in extreme environments.

“It’s really, really amazing for such a small scanner,” Becker said at a press conference at Intergeo.

In addition, there is greater scan and greater noise reduction with the Focus X 330, providing for 3D models in a photo-realistic style.

The 3D scan data can be imported into commonly used software solutions for accident reconstruction, architecture, civil engineering, construction, forensics, industrial manufacturing and land surveying. Distance dimensions, area and volume calculations, analysis and inspection tasks and documentation can thus be carried out quickly, precisely and reliably.

FARO also released SCENE WebShare Cloud, which allows users to store 3D documentation data on the cloud.

SCENE WebShare Cloud allows for scanned projected to be viewed more quickly and shared with different project partners.