Topcon Positioning Group announced a new technology— Hybrid Positioning—that increases efficiencies and improves productivity on job sites, regardless of conditions, terrain or location. Hybrid Positioning is enabled through the Topcon MAGNET software suite. Topcon also announced new features and enhanced functionality to the entire MAGNET suite. The MAGNET suite includes solutions for the field personnel, the office designers and managing supervisors.  
The new Hybrid Positioning technology allows precise positioning professionals in the survey, construction, civil engineering and GIS industries to topcon_hybrid_inbodysimultaneously connect to GNSS signals and standard robotic measurements on a single rover pole.
The technology has four key components— Hybrid Lock; Hybrid Resection; Hybrid Switch; and Auto-localization.
Hybrid Lock allows accurate prism tracking by turning the instrument toward the prism location. Hybrid Resection ensures quick job-site setup, as well as establishing RTK and geodetic coordinates. Hybrid Switch ensures a quick changeover from GNSS to optical measurement with a single touch. Auto-localization utilizes Bing Maps background, multipoint localization and works with RTK and NMEA positioning.

The release of MAGNET v2.0, a Topcon enterprise solution for the geomatics industry, provides more than 30 substantial additions or upgrades to the Enterprise, Field and Office packages. Enterprise is a cloud service designed for the supervising manager that connects the Field and Office products and provides a collaborative web-based interface to company data. Cloud-based collaboration and real-time data exchange makes MAGNET a productivity enhancing solution for virtually any operation.

magnet_inbodyKey new developments are expanded functionality for BIM and GIS applications.  MAGNET v2.0 now has customized packages designed for building layout and high accuracy GIS application.

MAGNET v2.0 is available for use with Topcon and Sokkia instruments and is available through subscription service so the user has continuous access to the latest features. MAGNET Field and Office products can also be purchased for standalone use.

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