The National Society of Professional Surveyors continues to map a new way.

Executive director Curtis Sumner said 30 state associations have signed memorandums of understanding (MOU) with the NSPS in its 100 percent joint NSPSmembership initiative, and he added that several other states are close.

“(There are) another dozen or so that are pretty aggressively in the process,” Sumner said.

Nebraska is the latest state to sign a MOU. Georgia and North Dakota also are very close to an agreement, Sumner said. The NSPS released an updated map last week that showed each state association’s progress on the joint membership drive.

“Other state societies that have informed us that they are ‘in the process’ of reviewing the MOU include Wyoming, Hawaii, Kentucky, Illinois, Utah and Alabama,” Sumner wrote in an email. “The latest information I have from Rhode Island, Delaware, and Connecticut is that (they) are also close.”

The Texas Society of Professional Surveyors will ask its members to vote on the joint membership initiative in a non-binding resolution, according to a post on the TSPS website. The TSPS board of directors plans to discuss results of the referendum at the association’s annual meeting Oct. 31.

Sumner cautions that it is too early to predict the decisions from any of the states that have not signed MOUs.

Davis-Bacon Update

Sumner said the NSPS remains committed in its efforts to have the Department of Labor rescind its decision to expand the Davis-Bacon Act to members on survey crews.

Sumner sent a letter to the DOL in August, and he spoke at a Regulatory Reference Meeting on Sept. 19 at the U.S. Capitol.

“We’re still actually trying to get feedback from DOL, but they have not yet responded,” Sumner said. “It just seems to me that they’re not in any rush to get back to us.

“We’re certainly upset about the classification because it goes back on 50 years of policy,” he said. “But we’re just as upset with the way it was handled.”