Optech has announced the release of the ILRIS Scan software suite for its ILRIS Terrestrial Laser Scanner product line.

Developed in co-operation with Gexcel Srl, ILRIS Scan is an integrated workflow application suite that leverages a powerful, fully functional API to control the ILRIS, optionally integrate cameras and process its data. With the introduction of ILRIS Scan, users can operate their sensor, collect data, process the results and visualize the final point cloud all in one program.

In addition to integrating all ILRIS survey functions into one solution, ILRIS Scan also introduces a user-friendly interface that automatically adapts to the sensor configuration in use. This simplified interface takes the guesswork out of ILRIS operations for beginners while providing power users flexibility in both operating the scanner and processing data.

The ILRIS Scan software suite is available for purchase by current ILRIS users starting Oct. 7 and will be shipped with all future ILRIS orders.