The Faro 3D App Center has released new apps for Scene, the scan processing software from Faro.

In addition to the free apps, there are also affordable apps for special applications that can be downloaded. Efficient app solutions from software partners are alsofaro_apps_inbody available.

The plug-in apps that can be installed in all versions of Scene allow for the exact evaluation of 3D laser scans in just a few steps. Scene is supplied with every Faro Focus3D laser scanner.

In addition to the free apps that are already being widely used, Faro is now offering more affordable special software solutions in the 3D App Center that are able to handle specific tasks quickly and with just a few clicks. This makes it possible, for example, to easily calculate volumes and produce 3D videos. As well as the plug-in apps, Faro also offers practical stand-alone apps. These apps enable project partners who do not work with Scene to have easy access to scan data and project views. The WebShare software from Faro also makes it possible to access projects from anywhere and take a virtual tour of buildings.

Apps from software partners can be found in the Faro 3D App Center. For Kubit users with an AutoCAD plug-in, for example, a free solution is offered that allows measuring points from Faro Scene to be transmitted directly to the AutoCAD 3D viewer. The app establishes a direct connection between the scan processing software and the viewer.

For surveyors, there is an app from ATS that makes the monitoring of scan data registration more transparent and more accurate. The Faro 3D App Center is also available for other software suppliers and their apps for laser scan management and processing.

All apps are tested by Faro prior to being offered in the 3D App Center.