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Here is a look at some of the top stories on GeoDataPoint in the first half of September, covering topics such as automated land mapping and GIS. For more information on each story, just click on the headline link.

  • Automated Land Mapping Requires an Updated Grid. See how the Colorado-based WhiteStar Corporation is tackling the problem of incomplete and inaccurate land grid data in parts of the western United States.
  • Words That Kill Your Proposal: Part 1. Find out how to effectively write proposals by avoiding certain terminology that will turn off prospective clients.
  • Monitoring: The High Value of Reducing Risk. Rising demand for structural monitoring is creating new opportunities for geospatial professionals. Here’s how you can attract new business and clients.
  • Autodesk’s Point Layout Software Boosts Accuracy, Productivity. Autodesk’s newest software promises to make work easier and more accurate in the field. The automatic point creation program allows information to be transferred to a robotic total station for layout, providing contractors laser-guided accuracy for the placement and verification of building elements on their tablets.
  • Are You Working from the Wrong End of Data? Trying to obtain survey-grade accuracy from GIS data is working from the wrong end of data. When it comes to GIS grade versus survey grade, why not collect the highest quality, most accurate, most complete information?

Check back with GeoDataPoint later this month for coverage of the GIS-Pro 2013: URISA’s 51st Annual Conference for GIS Professionals in Providence, R.I.