More than 1,300 miles separate Bailey, Colo., from POB’s offices in Troy, Mich.

No matter. That distance did not deter Steve Franklin.

While visiting family in his native state of Michigan, Franklin went out of his way to visit one Monday afternoon in August.

Franklin didn’t know me—after all, I have only been on the job as editor for a little more than one month—but he did know POB.

Steve Franklin

Steve Franklin of Bailey, Colo., smiles as he visits POB’s offices in Troy, Mich., one Monday afternoon in August.

He said he has read the magazine for years, and he said he enjoys the articles that explore surveying’s history. After the Vietnam War, Franklin moved west, where he became a surveyor. He lived in Wyoming for a time before settling in Bailey, a city approximately 40 miles southwest of Denver. He’s a member of the Professional Land Surveyors of Colorado.

It was great to visit with Franklin. While I know I will not be able to meet all of you personally, I do hope I can connect with you in some way through POB.

I hope the articles in the pages of the magazine and continue to form a bond with you by helping you in your profession. I hope they offer insight. I hope they provide answers. I hope they even inspire you, as this month’s feature on volunteers on the Pacific island of Kosrae did for me.

In the last month, I have received emails from surveyors from North Carolina to Sri Lanka offering me suggestions and story ideas. Please keep the feedback coming—you can email me at It helps me connect with you.

Yes, POB is a magazine, a website and an information source for surveyors. But, more importantly, POB can be a community.

It’s a place where surveyors and other geospatial professionals can connect—not only with editors and writers but also with each other.

So I invite you all to connect, not only with me, but with each other on POB. Start discussions on or on LinkedIn, leave a comment on an article or column and share your thoughts on social media. I hope you talk and listen to each other, and I plan to participate in the conversation, too.

With the tools available today, we can connect better than ever. That’s important because we can’t always meet face-to-face.

But if you are in my neighborhood, like Steve Franklin, please stop by and say hello.