The National Society of Professional Surveyors has sent a letter to the Department of Labor asking it to rescind its decision to expand the Davis-Bacon Act to members on survey crews.

In the letter written Aug. 20, NSPS Executive Director Curt Sumner states that the AAM-212 Memorandum reverses more than 50 years of federal policy that dates to the administration of President John F. Kennedy.

Sumner writes that the classification of “members of survey crews as ‘laborers and mechanics’ is demeaning to the professional image of surveying.”

NSPS sent the letter following a meeting Aug. 16 attended by Sumner, NSPS government affairs consultants John Palatiello and John Byrd, and DOL staff.

Sumner summarized the meeting in the letter while also stating the reasons why NSPS believes the ruling should be repealed. He also cites concerns that expansion of the Davis-Bacon Act will be an administrative nightmare for surveying firms, contracting agencies and the government.

“Given the faulty and inadequate research and investigation that went into that memorandum, and the fact that it was based on inaccurate and biased information, we respectfully and formally urge that AAM-212 be immediately rescinded pending your review,” Sumner writes.

Read the entire letter from NSPS Executive Director Curt Sumner here.