Esri announced the release of a new version of ArcGIS that increases the power and accessibility of GIS.

The ArcGIS 10.2 improves ease of use, real-time data access and integration with existing infrastructure. ArcGIS 10.2 allows users to more easily deploy Web GIS,

ArcGIS 10.2
The ArcGIS 10.2 features new technologies that enable real-time collection and sharing of data with GIS.

helping people organize their work and simplify geographic information discovery, access, sharing and collaboration.

The new version offers more analysis tools via ARC Online, allowing for users to investigate geographic relationships, patterns and trends in data. New tools include overlay layers for combining two or more layers into one single layer; enhanced hot-spot analysis; and data enrichment resources to glean information about the people, places, and businesses in a specific area or drive time.

To ensure that ArcGIS for Desktop users have access to ArcGIS Online capabilities, Esri entitles every customer organization that has ArcGIS for Desktop (Basic, Standard, or Advanced) to receive an ArcGIS Online subscription. The number of named users will be equal to the total number of ArcGIS for Desktop licenses current on maintenance. This will enable users to easily get started with ArcGIS Online. It will also give access to all Esri apps—such as Esri Maps for Office, Collector for ArcGIS, and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS—as well as numerous app templates hosted in ArcGIS Online.Esri will notify ArcGIS for Desktop customers about the details of this new entitlement in the coming weeks.

Esri’s new ArcGIS also features new technologies that enable real-time collection and sharing of data with GIS. It includes ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor for Server, a new ArcGIS for Server extension that gives users the power to access live data streams. People can analyze and send processed results to other users or into other systems.

ArcGIS 10.2 expands Esri's support for major business intelligence (BI) systems. The version includes new MicroStrategy BI and Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management tools, allowing users of those platforms to perform location analytics on their business data and focus their marketing. Core BI tools Esri Community Analyst and Esri Business Analyst Online also get productivity-enhancing face-lifts and major customization capability.

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