SBG Systems unveiled the Ekinox-D, which adds a dual antenna GNSS inertial system to its Ekinox Series.

Equinox DThe Survey Grade Ekinox-D is an inertial navigation system which embeds a dual antenna L1/L2 GNSS receiver to deliver more robust heading and position, while increasing satellite reception availability. Ekinox-D is an integrated system in which GNSS data and inertial information are fused by an Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) to improve data integrity. This computation allows the system to achieve 0.05 degrees roll, pitch, and true heading; 5 cm heave; and 2 cm RTK GNSS position.

The Ekinox-D can be installed and connected to a system, such as camera or LiDAR. Its 8 GB data logger and 200 Hz output rate makes the Ekinox-D useful for applications where robust heading is required such as surveying and hydrographic applications, unmanned system navigation and car testing.

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