RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems introduced the airborne laser mapping system LMS-Q1560 at the RIEGL LIDAR 2013 International User Conference.

The LMS-Q1560 is an ultra-high-performance, fully integrated airborne laser scanner system within a single, self-contained unit featuring dual high-powered laser sources, dual optical receivers and a common mirror built into the system.

The LMS-Q1560 can be operated at a maximum pulse repetition rate of 800 kHz providing an effective measurement rate of 530,000 measurements per second on the ground. Range ambiguities due to regularly occurring and sometimes even dramatic terrain elevation changes are automatically resolved by RIEGL’s multiple time-around processing software, RiMTA. The software manages up to 10 pulses in the air simultaneously. This enables the user to do simple flight planning, even for difficult terrain.

 RIEGL provides forward, backward and nadir-looking capability in this instrument. This enables more effective and more accurate high point density data capture from different angles. The system design and calibration provides for integration of additional sensors and customization.