Trimble introduced its Online Training Program for Imaging, which can be ordered and accessed 24/7 through the Trimble Learning Center. The courses are designed to teach customers how to successfully use a variety of Trimble imaging software solutions.

"The courses are created by our product specialists and teach the user how to use the solutions in the most efficient way,” said Katherine Sandford, general manager of Trimble's imaging division. “Users can access imaging theory sessions, listen to recorded webinars and rebuild solutions from the lessons learned by following the interactive hands-on software exercises. In addition, users can measure their progress by participating in the course quizzes and can download a certificate upon successful completion of each course."

The training is built predominantly of self-study units, which cover theory, background information and hands-on exercises. The participant also has the opportunity to contact a Trimble imaging product specialist, either in scheduled live Web-based sessions or through the community platform.

Three Imaging training packages are available now: "eCognition Tools + Functionality I," "OrthoMaster Tools + Functionality I" and "OrthoVista Tools + Functionality I."

For eCognition, completing the general introduction and six individual courses will take about eight hours and enable the user to establish a basic image analysis process on their data. For OrthoMaster, completing the three courses over about four hours can enable a user to generate orthophotos, and for OrthoVista, completing five courses over about 10 hours can result in the ability of the user to generate orthophoto mosaics.

 Additional courses and packages will be added to the Trimble Learning Center portfolio later.