RealWorks Version 8.0

Trimble released RealWorks version 8.0 software, which includes a new 3D database engine, automated targetless registration and a Web viewing capability incorporating RealWorks’ Scan Explorer interface. The 3D database engine will allow up to five times more data to be visualized and managed. The ability to handle larger datasets increases usability and productivity for customers capturing data with 3D laser scanners such as the Trimble TX5 and Trimble FX. The automated targetless registration function automatically identifies planar objects in each scan and matches the planes from multiple stations, creating a combined dataset. 


kubit announced PointSense Building and new versions of kubit VirtuSurv (with a connection to Revit), PointSense Plant and Heritage. PointSense Building aims to help users generate 2D plans and sections from 3D scans with prompts for creation of line work such as rooms, doors, windows, stairs and other elements. A structured room book can be used for creation of facility reports and visualizations. The latest feature in PointSense Plant is tank analysis. Users can perform deformation analysis and volume calculations on large diameter tanks, vessels and pipes with full graphical and database reporting. PointSense Heritage improves upon current features by the addition of “point cloud unwrapping” for arc, vaulted and curved facade surfaces. 


Applanix launched POSPac MMS V6.2 software for directly georeferencing mobile mapping sensors using GNSS and inertial technology. Featuring Applanix In-Fusion Multi-Single Base Processing, V6.2 is designed to improve the productivity and accuracy of mapping from mobile platforms in the air, on land or at sea. In-Fusion Multi-Single-Base Processing allows base stations to be established along the full length of the travel path and uses the nearest base station at all times. 


highway products announced high-side boxes for pickup trucks

3D Laser mapping released the CatchR range of remote satellite monitoring solutions that allows data to be transmitted from inaccessible and difficult environments. The range of solutions include systems for water flow, depth and level monitoring, equipment status reporting, detection of toxic substances and weather reporting. The measurement units collect and record a range of data, which is then automatically transmitted by satellites to a secure data server. Users can view data online and alarms can be received as emails and text messages. Contained within a specially designed enclosure, the system includes a low power computer that communicates with external sensors to collect data which is then transmitted, using the built in satellite modem, by antenna. 


OPTECH released the Optech LMS Professional Edition 2.4, which brings automated LiDAR rectification algorithms to users of the Lynx Mobile Mapper. Its algorithms process raw LiDAR data and control points to produce output data of verified accuracy. Beyond LiDAR rectification, LMS Professional includes multinode processing, batch processing and automated coordinate conversions. 


Highway Products announced high-side boxes for pickup trucks. The high-side boxes sit and mount on pickup bed rails and feature marine grade aluminumconstruction, maximum storage capacity and a lifetime warranty. Theft-resistant T-handle stainless steel locks are designed to keep tools secure against break-ins, and neoprene weather stripping keeps them dry. The high-side boxes are available in many sizes to fit all truck brands and bed sizes.