New York — OpenGeo promoted key team members Juan Marin, Tim Schaub and Justin Deoliveira to new roles within the company. Marin has been named chief technology officer, OpenGeo CEO Eddie Pickle said in an announcement, while Schaub and Deoliveira assume vice president positions in the software development group.

"Juan Marin’s management experience and his breadth of knowledge from software development to professional services to solutions development will greatly benefit OpenGeo in his new leadership role,” said Pickle. Marin, a graduate of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, has more than a decade of experience developing geospatial applications. As an architect, analyst and developer, he has also played a key role in large enterprise efforts that required integration of geospatial capabilities with other IT systems.

Schaub and Deoliveira are taking on new roles reflecting the continued growth of OpenGeo product development, said Pickle. "Tim’s software development expertise and leadership at OpenGeo and in the OpenLayers community are invaluable as he takes on leadership in an increasing array of OpenGeo projects. And Justin's leadership role in advancing OpenGeo's GeoServer work has been crucial to the success of the OpenGeo Suite. Their talents for software development, and also for mentoring and training, continue to be key to the success of OpenGeo products."

Deoliveira joined OpenGeo in 2005 and has been a major contributor to virtually every OpenGeo software initiative since that time. Schaub, who joined OpenGeo in 2007, has been developing open source mapping software since 2001. His work has included contributions on the leadership and development of OpenLayers and other front-end mapping software.