RIEGL won the Geospatial World Award in the category Geospatial Technology Innovation Surveying for the RIEGL VQ-820-G at the Geospatial World Forum Conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The RIEGL VQ-820-G introduced the first "tightly coupled", shallow water, land and smart echo waveform LiDAR sensor. The topo-hydrographic scanner demonstrated its innovative ability during several live demonstrations. An example of these demonstrations is data collection of the Sandy River in Oregon. The nature of the river makes it challenging for traditional transect or boat-based hydrographic surveys; thus, airborne laser scanning offers possibilities of data capture for mapping channel and floodplain morphology.

RIEGL“We are proud to receive this prestigious award and feel acknowledged to further intensifying our research and development efforts for this exciting field of combined topographic and hydrographic airborne laser scanning,” states Martin Pfennigbauer, RIEGL’s director of research and product manager for bathymetric sensors, who was presented the award during the award night and gala dinner.

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