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The New Value of Information

As geospatial professionals, we are skilled at gathering answers to key questions about collecting and managing data. But to grow and add value to our services, we must be able to answer—and solve—additional items: Who needs the information I have gathered, and how and where will they use it?

Chris Gibson


Why Geospatial Web Portals Are the Future of  Infrastructure Projects

When the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) embarked on a project to rebuild the tracks along the Red Line, project engineers and project managers already had cutting-edge technology at their disposal through their service provider. What the CTA didn’t realize is how innovative data management tools would benefit their project downstream.

Christine L. Grahl


Experts See Tremendous Economic Opportunities in UAS Technology

The recently released report on the potential economic impact of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) on the United States was startling. If anything can make Congress and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) move faster toward integrating UAS into the national airspace, it would be dollars and jobs.

Douglas D. Fisher


Is Multiray Photogrammetry the Future of 3D Mapping?

LiDAR is the technology of choice for deriving highly accurate terrain data and 3D models. However, combined hardware and software improvements in digital aerial cameras and digital photogrammetry offer new point cloud possibilities.

Linda Duffy


Is Your GIS Translation Process Affecting Your Productivity?

The amount of data available today from multiple sources provides unlimited opportunities to create
information-rich visualizations, simulations, maps and models. Is there a simple way to work with incompatible file formats?

Linda Duffy


3 Common Pitfalls of Reality Capture Projects

When it comes to requesting services from a reality capture service provider, not everyone fully understands what they’re asking for. As a result, some projects may end up with results that are far from the client’s expectations. Be on the lookout for these common pitfalls.

Jason Ellis  


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