Maryland – Icaros, a developer of photogrammetric software and systems, announced that it has released the IPS3.1 (Icaros Photogrammetric Suite) version.

This new version offers a more efficient orthophoto production. It includes improved user interface and user experience, a more robust workflow and improved productivity and extensive bug fixes. The IPS3.1 enables its users to handle large projects of more than 10,000 images per block.

Icaros IPS3.1 also includes additional bundle adjustment algorithms for complex projects with significant errors in EO parameters, more features to increase overall geo-referencing accuracy, built-in oblique imagery processing capabilities, robust thermal imagery processing, and an enhanced capability to drill-down and solve problematic areas of your project.

“Icaros constantly drives to be a market leader in the photogrammetric arena,” said Avi Aflalo, regional sales and marketing manager at Icaros. “Our constant development and the launch of new IPS version help us keep supporting our customers at the forefront of technology.”

All Icaros IPS who own a premium support contract IPS3.0 can now download and install the new version free of charge from the company’s website page to ensure the best results of their photogrammetric processing. All other IPS users will be able to upgrade to IPS3.1 by contacting the Icaros sales department.