Boulder, Colo. – Spatial Energy announced the winner of the inaugural Remote Sensing Energy Challenge: Adrian McCardle and Parwant Ghuman from 3v Geomatics of Vancouver, Canada. Their winning entry, “High Resolution Ice Motion Mapping”, makes a convincing argument for the use of InSAR data for ice monitoring.

The winner will present their entry at the 4th Annual Spatial Energy Customer Summit in Boulder, Colo.  Also, they will receive a prize of $7,500 for their entry in the commercial category.  GeoEye, the sponsor of the Spatial Energy Remote Sensing Energy Challenge, will be making the award presentation to the winners.

“The intent of the Energy Challenge is to encourage entrepreneurs to move their technology into the marketplace to help energy customers increase their exploration and production workflow in meaningful ways,” said Bud Pope, president, Spatial Energy. “Given the economic value of offshore facilities and the risk to unique ecosystems, higher resolution ice motion maps can provide a significant improvement to safety and reduce overall operating costs.”

Dean Edmundson, vice president, Business Development, GeoEye, said, “We are proud to give the award to the 3vGeomatics team for successfully demonstrating a remote sensing solution to help find new sources of conventional or unconventional oil and gas.”

The judging panel, made up of respected scientists and oil and gas professionals from around the world, chose the winning submission on the basis of exemplifying innovative applications of remote sensing to meet the increasing demand for energy, as well as technological feasibility and potential for commercialization. The judging panel includes:

  • Adam Carter, Ph.D., senior research geoscientist, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
  • Jacek Grodecki, senior director, Research and Development, GeoEye
  • Jim Ellis, Ph.D, principal, Ellis GeoSpatial
  • Julie Parker, director, GIS Services, Chesapeake Energy Corporation
  • Peter Hausknecht, Ph.D, coordinator remote sensing, GeoTechnical Operations (GTO), Woodside Energy and chairman, Oil and Gas Earth Observation Group (OGEO) Interest Group

3v Geomatics specializes in providing operational monitoring solutions using satellite imaging and GIS to clients worldwide. Focusing on Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) technology, 3vG provides information, products and services for monitoring and evaluating terrain movement to improve safety, continue production and maintain infrastructure integrity. 3vG has extensive experience in successfully applying its technology from the Arctic to the Amazon.