Z+F LaserControl 8.3 is a unique software solu­tion with complete workflow from data capturing to delivery, and is armed with tools for efficien­cy in scan jobs.

Three software packages of LaserControl 8.3 are ready to be shipped:

  • Z+F LaserControl Elements is the freedom to view and browse point cloud data without any cost. Easily share point clouds with customers.
  • Z+F LaserControl Professional of­fers a suite of filters, which allow dif­ferentiated preprocessing of scan data and are the key to de­manding data handling.
  • Z+F LaserControl Professional PLUS gives extended functions for registrati­on, additional data visualization and pro­ject management tools.

Additional to these packages, the following module is available:

  • The Forensics module is a customized product that matches the high standards of the German poli­ce.

New features to LaserControl 8.3 include:

Plane-to-Plane Registration
The new module Plane-to-Plane registration offers the user another pos­sibility to align scans without the use of targets. This module registers scans by as­signing automatically ­homologous planes to a scan-dataset.

Register Traverse
This feature allows users to re­gister scan data efficiently. By scanning back and forth (to the last and the next scan position), the current scan position can be determined. By finalizing on a known point, the traverse can be controlled.

Relation-Manager and Overview
A new view interface has been added. Besides “Bubble View”, “Grey View” and “3D View”, a new “Overview” can be found. Create a functional field-book on the job wit­hout extra effort.