Herndon, Va. - ClearEdge3D released EdgeWise Plant 4.0 with nine new features and enhancements that create the fastest end-to-end pipe modeling solution. The software automates the 3D modeling of complex process plant facilities, cutting up to 85-percent of labor from the modeling workflow.

Robert Greenhalgh with Ramboll Oil & Gas used the software on a recent North Sea offshore project. “We reduced our 3D modeling time substantially with EdgeWise Plant 4.0,” said Greenhalgh. ”Building standard pipe fittings on top of the powerful automated tools makes 4.0 the complete pipe modeling package.”

The new features and enhancements in EdgeWise Plant 4.0 include:

  • Better automated pipe extraction algorithms automatically model up to 90-percent of the pipes in a project
  • Dimensionally-accurate component placement from 4.0’s extensive new specification-driven component  library (see a video of how component placement works at  www.clearedge3d.com/Products.aspx?show=EdgeWisePlantNewFeatures)
  • Demolition tool easily removes pipes and associated points from the point cloud
  • Custom specification editor can import or create new specifications
  • Billion-plus point cloud visualization engine gives a high-definition view of the project
  • Fast end-to-end pipe editing tools get you from field-to-finish in record time

“The new tools in EdgeWise Plant 4.0 make the software a true field-to-finish pipe modeling package,” said Chris Scotton, ClearEdge3D’s president and CEO. “The improved extraction algorithms along with the component catalog, custom spec editor and extensive finishing tools redefine the man-hours required to model complex pipe geometry.”

“This is by far our most ambitious software release ever,” commented Kevin Williams, ClearEdge3D’s founder and chief scientist. “The speed it delivers to the modeling workflow can change the economics of 3D modeling.” Larry Kleinkemper, president of Lanmar Service, an early user of the software, shares that assessment. “To be honest, I can't imagine why a firm with a pipe modeling project wouldn't use EdgeWise Plant 4.0."  Ramboll’s Greenhalgh agrees.  “4.0 should be in every pipe modeler’s toolbox.”