While the U.K. gears up for hosting London 2012’s Olympic Games, aerial photography specialist, Blom, has captured the final preparations as they get underway across Greater London. Blom set about capturing all 32 boroughs, making it the most up-to-date photography of the capital available.

Showcasing the latest developments across the whole of London, including the final touches to the Olympic Park and The Shard, Blom’s photography offers a powerful insight for urban planners, asset managers and insurance underwriters requiring the most recent growth and building intelligence. Blom’s images also provide an important resource for the media, news and publishing outlets requiring the newest visuals and imagery on the market.

Dave Fox, managing director of Blom UK said “With the difficulties involved in capturing over 2,500km2 of Greater London, including 32 boroughs and Slough too, it is rare to collect such a truly cohesive and comprehensive dataset of the capital. Captured at 10cm resolution, 1m2 features are represented by 100 pixels, meaning that windows, roofs, road markings and even street furniture are clearly visible”

An experienced provider of oblique ‘bird’s eye’ aerial photography over the last six years, Blom has provided over 50 percent of London’s boroughs with BlomOBLIQUE imagery. Not only does this provide a rich visual record of the U.K.’s capital but also allows you to measure the height, length, area and bearing of any structures, features and buildings.

Kim Wall, marketing and commercial support manager of Blom UK added “BlomOBLIQUE has always proved itself popular with local government and emergency services, and they are currently using Blom’s data to assist with the management of major events and for emergency response planning. Capturing London at this strategic time is a great asset for those agencies involved in the upcoming Olympic Games. The data will soon to be available via our BlomURBEX geoserver, alongside Blom’s existing 2011 5cm London imagery and previous aerial photography of the capital, dating back to 2006.”