DUBUQUE, Iowa – Eagle Point Software Corporation, an Autodesk AEC Industry Partner, announced the 2013 release of its AutoCAD Civil 3D companion solutions: Data Reduction, Designers' Companion, and Surveyors' Companion. These 2013 releases are designed to help civil engineering professionals deliver more innovative project solutions by enabling BIM processes.

"We are excited to announce the release of Eagle Point’s Civil 3D 2013 companion products as we strive to improve how organizations implement and adopt Autodesk infrastructure technologies," says Steve Biver, Civil Infrastructure Product Line manager at Eagle Point.

"We are glad to have an AEC Industry Partner like Eagle Point Software continue to expand its portfolio of companion products for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013," explains Jim Quanci, director of the Autodesk Developer Network. "Eagle Point's experience in the AEC market has allowed them to enhance the additions to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 with survey and design tools that help our customers take better advantage of BIM."

Data Reduction allows organizations to streamline the AutoCAD Civil 3D survey transfer process. Whether downloading directly from the collector or importing a job already on the PC, shots described in the field using Eagle Point’s popular coding methodology come into Civil 3D with proper description key symbology and linework automatically generated.

Designers' Companion reduces the number of steps and simplifies workflow for common civil engineering design tasks within AutoCAD Civil 3D. Guided by a straightforward interface, Designers' Companion offers end users efficient tools to rapidly lay out subdivision streets, lots, highways, parking lots, detention ponds and subsurface terrain. By leveraging the dynamic, iterative power of the AutoCAD Civil 3D model earlier in the design process, project alternatives can be quickly modified and finalized sooner.

A set of tools that streamline the survey workflow, Surveyors' Companion leverages proven surveying technology to enable organizations to comfortably and productively move to AutoCAD Civil 3D software. Surveyors' Companion interacts with native point, parcel, surface, alignment and profile data.

For more information on Eagle Point's companion solutions for AutoCAD Civil 3D, click here.