A new tutorial from JAVAD GNSS Inc. shows how the Visual Stakeout (VSO) function on the Triumph-VS allows users to see a virtual location of the point to be staked through a "flag" on the instrument's camera image. The visual aid helps users quickly navigate to a point. The VSO screen also features a virtual bubble level and crosshair tool that help users keep the device horizontal and on target for high-precision results. When a target point is selected in regular stakeout mode, the VSO screen will display it in the camera picture. If the point is out of the camera’s field of view, a wide arrow will appear on the screen, pointing in the turning direction that will bring the target point into the field of view.

The tutorial can be found here. A video demonstration is also available at http://www.javadgnss.com/javad.com/downloads/javadgnss/video/lessons/Triumph-VS/TRVS-VisualStakeout.mp4.