Graz, Austria - The Microsoft UltraCam business unit released UltraMap v3.0, a fully integrated end-to-end photogrammetric workflow system for UltraCam images.

In addition to the well-known v2.x UltraMap modules (UltraMap and UltraMap/AT), the new UltraMap v3.0 system offers two new modules: the  UltraMap Dense Matching module and the UltraMap Ortho Pipeline module. With these new UltraMap v3.0 modules, UltraCam users can rapidly generate quality data products, from ingest of raw data to delivery of high-density point clouds, DSMs and ortho imagery.

New features of UltraMap v3.0 include:

  • Automated processing of high-density 3D point clouds - high-density point clouds at several hundred points per square meter.
  • Highly accurate and detailed digital surface model (DSM) generation.
  • Generation of DSMOrtho (ortho mosaic based on an automatically generated DSM) and DTMOrtho (traditional ortho mosaic based on an automatically generated DTM) mosaics.
The processing environment is available in several configurations to enhance productivity and increase flexibility. New resource intensive machines can be configured as CPU only or GPU-enabled nodes can be added to speed up processing. The complete Dense Matcher and Ortho Pipeline may be processed on scalable CPU-only machines, while Dense Matching can run in addition on dedicated GPU nodes.

“This product release focuses on delivering major efficiencies in point cloud, DSM and ortho mosaic processing,” notes Alexander Wiechert, business director of Microsoft and managing director for Vexcel Imaging GmbH. “UltraCam customers will enjoy the time and cost-savings benefit enabled by the increased automation of UltraMap v3.0. Furthermore, UltraMap v3.0 allows our customers to use the images for additional applications such as automated 3D data generation and in doing so, generate additional business from aerial missions.”