Heerbrugg,Switzerland –  Leica Geosystems announced another enhancement to the Leica Zeno GIS family: the Leica Zeno CS25 GNSS tablet computer with full GNSS functionality in an ergonomic and portable device with a large screen. The CS25 GNSS doesn’t require a backpack, pole mount or any additional batteries. A compact L1/L2 antenna is attached on the CS25 GNSS, and for high accuracy data collection, it can connect with an external GNSS Antenna mounted on a pole.

The rugged Leica CS25 GNSS integrates an upgradable GNSS board and an attachable Helix Antenna. The handheld rover is designed to combine the power of high-accuracy GNSS with the benefit of a large screen tablet and the Windows 7 environment. With its large 7-inch display, the Leica CS25 GNSS is designed to make it easy-to-read and operate, even in bright sunlight.

Senior Product Manager Johannes Hotz said, “Our customers can scale the CS25 GNSS to fit any accuracy needs, by offering a range of options, including meter, sub-meter or sub-decimeter accuracy all through a simple license model. They can also connect an external antenna to the CS25 GNSS to achieve centimeter accuracy. This flexibility, combined with the choice of Leica Zeno Field, Leica MobileMatriX or third party partner software, offers versatile solutions to provide the right fit for any GIS data collection job.”

The direct integration of GNSS into a tablet computer gives users benefits including:

·         Tablet computer, GNSS and modem in one device that is light enough to carry in one hand
·         Large screen tablet with integrated GNSS RTK receiver, no backpack or pole required
·         One single charging unit for batteries, tablet computer and GNSS receiver
·         No external mobile phones are required to receive RTK corrections
·         User upgradable accuracy levels:
- Differential GNSS (GPS and optionally GLONASS) : 50 cm accuracy
- L1/L2 GNSS (GPS and optionally GLONASS) extension: <10 cm accuracy, with external antenna up to cm-accuracy
·         DGNSS, Real-time or post-processed GIS workflows, fully integrated into ArcGIS from Esri
·         Open support of third party software applications via Leica Zeno Connect

The CS25 GNSS provides an all-day battery life and IP65 rating, to ensure reliable operation even after continued work in extreme environments with exposure to water and dust.

For detailed information about the Leica Zeno GIS series, visit:http://www.leica-geosystems.com/zeno .