Terrametrix’s StreetMapper 360 system is a versatile, adaptable platform that allows installation on a hy-railer, all-terrain and varieties of makes and models of SUV’s in less than an hour. Now, mobilizing a project has expanded options for efficiency and speed through expanded portability. Clients can take advantage of Midwest cost-of-living rates in their pricing for projects world-wide. For the price of an airline ticket and rental vehicle, Terametrix can mobilize TMLS services within a day.

The portable version of the accurate mobile mapping system, StreetMapper, is now compact enough to check in as standard luggage at the airport and designed to be installed in minutes on virtually any vehicle. StreetMapper Portable is also ideal for rapid deployment to inhospitable or otherwise inaccessible environments.

Terrametrix uses both the StreetMapper 360 (600,000) and StreetMapper Portable (300,000) 3D point measurements per second while in motion, acquiring typical positional accuracy of better than 0.06’ and the point-to-point relative accuracy is better than 0.01’. Both systems have dedicated control screens that show status information and allows for the data capture parameters to be adjusted.