Norcross, Ga.– At the March 2013 conference of the Land Surveyor's Association of Washington (LSAW), officials from SmartNet North America and Kuker-Ranken announced that Kuker-Ranken's RGPS network will be incorporated into the SmartNet network, improving realtime kinematic (RTK) coverage for SmartNet subscribers, and adding GNSS capacity and expanded regional coverage for Kuker-Ranken subscribers.

"Transitioning our RGPS network into SmartNet makes sense for everyone involved, and our customers definitely come out ahead," says Kuker-Ranken President Bob Lycke. "SmartNet gives our customers access to the GLONASS satellites and full GNSS capabilities.”

Under the new arrangement, Kuker-Ranken subscribers in the state of Washington will gain full GNSS capability in the greater Seattle area, expanded coverage along the I-5 corridor, access to the SmartNet web portal providing processing and management tools, and network support based on an advanced GNSS reference station software platform, Leica Geosystems GNSS Spider. SmartNet benefits by densifying its network in the Seattle, Spokane and Tacoma metro areas, and by adding Kuker-Ranken's customer base.

Wendy Watson, director of reference station operations at Leica Geosystems, said, "We are very excited to be adding the network of one of our longtime dealers to SmartNet North America. Kuker-Ranken was one of the earliest adopters of reference station technology, and they've done a great job of developing their network and serving their subscriber base. We welcome their loyal customers to SmartNet, and are glad that we're able to, once again, expand SmartNet within North America by merging with a technically excellent existing network."

Launched in 2010, SmartNet is the first commercial GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Network to allow for a single connection point for coverages across North America.