Heerbrugg, Switzerland and Hanover, Germany – Leica Geosystems announced the next release of its flagship software, Leica Cyclone 8.0. In addition to providing further improvements in office productivity for processing as-built laser scan data, Cyclone 8.0 users can now directly connect point cloud data with other spatial data sources (such as 3D models) and readily share and re-use modeled data.

Cyclone 8.0 features several enhancements that increase office productivity:

·         20 to 50 percent faster scan data import
·         Automatic conversion on import to Enhanced Working Format, for faster data processing
·         Automatic creation of all pipe cylinders with a single click, for an entire project or for a selected set of scan data, even during import
·         Automatic creation of TruView Hotlinks, linking scan points in panoramic TruViews to asset information
·         Easy saving and re-use of complex models created from geometric primitives
·         New “scripting” capability speeds repetitive or customized sequences of model building
·         Fewer clicks and a modern CAD-like interface for popular “Move” and “Rotate” commands

Registered laser scan or High-Definition Survey (HDS) data is a rich source of “as-is” or scene information that is often shared and leveraged among many users and disciplines.

  Cyclone 8.0 provides new capabilities to further leverage this information source:

  ·         New Hotlink markup feature enables connecting scan data (as TruViews) with other spatial information sources, such as intelligent 3D models or spatial databases
·         New “Model Library” allows easy sharing of complex models and model libraries (built from geometric primitives) with other projects or users
·         New “Scripting API” capability lets users develop custom point cloud processing applications

To use the new Hotlink markup capability, a Leica Cyclone 8.0 user simply selects a spatial area of the point cloud to publish Leica TruViews with built-in Hotlinks to asset information for this same area.

Users can readily share, trade or sell complex models created from geometric primitives that, in turn, have been created from point clouds. Likewise, the Scripting API enables users to create customized point cloud processing and model building applications that can provide a competitive advantage for service businesses. Scripts can also be shared, traded or sold.