The Audubon Chapter of the Kentucky Association of Professional Surveyors (KAPS) will host a mock trial and land surveyor in court seminar in Owensboro, Ky., on Nov. 9. Led by Jeffery N. Lucas, PLS, Esq., the mock trial will be based on the real-life case of Dowdell v. Cotham (Tenn.App.2007). Volunteers from the audience will be asked to play the roles of attorneys, landowners, lay witness and expert land surveyor witnesses; other members of the audience will participate as jurors. The program is designed so that all attendees are involved in the trial. The session will include a general discussion of the case as well as the actions of the attorneys and witnesses. A presentation of the land surveyor’s role in the courtroom and a general discussion on the rules of evidence and civil procedure will follow if time permits. This seminar is designed to demystify the litigation process and explain the rules of engagement that will be used in court.

The cost to attend is $160 for KAPS members and $260 for nonmembers. For more information or to register, email or