TUCSON, Ariz. – Darling Environmental & Surveying, Ltd. (Darling) announced that its officers and board of directors have approved its corporate name change to Darling Geomatics, effective immediately.

"We are happy to announce our new corporate name, our first step towards an international expansion in integrated 3D laser scanning and modeling, surveying and environmental measurement sciences”, said Mary Darling, CEO of Darling Geomatics. "Our new name more accurately reflects our evolution to a strategic digital solutions provider. We are looking forward to rapidly expanding to become the leading geometrics company in the industry."

Audiences all over the world witnessed the entertainment application of this technology when Darling’s dynamic images were projected onto the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas in sync with music during the Hotel’s recent Carnevale celebration.

Multiple industries are catapulting Darling Geometrics, a Tucson-based business, into the international arena. “This is a very exciting time for us as we continue to position the company for accelerated growth at a time when our clients need fast, accurate and more cost effective technologies”, said Richard Darling, president.

Winner of this year's Copper Cactus Nextrio Award for Innovation in Technology, Darling has transformed its business over the past two years. The company offers expanded 3D scanning and modeling services, and market leadership in 3D technologies. Their strong integration of state-of-the-art 3D equipment and software is transforming professional land surveying and environmental measurement methodologies. Darling's clients are able to explore ideas and adjust for errors in the abstract, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars in project management time and materials.

Mary Darling emphasizes that the technology "reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with specialized services, to help them more effectively acquire, deploy, and manage assets and construction projects."