Blom and Microsoft have extended the agreement for delivery of BlomOBLIQUE by an additional year. The extension was an option available in the five-year framework agreement signed between the parties in March 2010. The contract extension officially starts on July 1, 2012. During the next twelve months, Blom will deliver large quantities of newly captured oblique aerial imagery. Blom’s unique and extensive library currently covers more than 1,500 cities in Europe; this is the most comprehensive and detailed image database available worldwide.

BlomOBLIQUE is aerial imagery photographed with an inclination of approx. 45-degrees, providing a unique perspective view of any location. The imagery allows users to visualize facades of buildings; the oblique angle exposes blind spots, exits and entrances previously impossible to locate on vertical aerial imagery. In addition, it improves identification of hard to see assets and facilities in any environment such as lamp posts and bus stops. Users can also view GIS data in 3D by draping it on to the oblique imagery; the images are geographically referenced and provide the ability to measure height, length and areas of features directly from imagery.