HERNDON, Va. - GeoEye announced it has expanded its office in the Amsterdam World Trade Center to meet rapidly growing demand in western and eastern Europe for the world’s highest resolution commercial satellite imagery. The expansion comes just five months after GeoEye successfully established its European sales and customer service operation.

The office expansion will ensure that customers get superior customer service and continuous access to the best quality commercial satellite imagery now and in the future. When the GeoEye-2 satellite launches in early 2013, it will surpass GeoEye-1 as the world’s highest resolution and most accurate commercial imaging satellite on orbit.

Andy Hanna, senior director of GeoEye’s European, Russian and Turkish sales regions said, “Our European, Russian and Turkish customers have always been very innovative in using geospatial imagery to address complex and pressing global problems like energy and fleet resource monitoring, land use and planning and critical infrastructure protection. Despite concerns about European budgets and austerity measures, our direct engagement with local partners and customers has been exceptionally positive. Our growing partner network now has sales resources on the ground in more than 12 of the top European Union countries covering in excess of 89 percent of European markets by GDP.”

The new European offices can be reached by e-mail ateurope.support@geoeye.com.