For small topograpic survey jobs with less than 500 sideshots, I do the following process...

Posted by: benc

For small topographic survey jobs with less than 500 side shots, I do the following process:

1. download from topcon ts via topcon link
2. export raw file to csv (hor,dist,ver,rr,etc)
3. open the csv in excel and use a preprogrammed spreadsheet to compute coordinates, elevs
4. export coordinate file to csv
5. import in autocad
6. connect the dots.

I am comfortable with this process. Problem is lately, office have to process survey data from several crews with different TS. Each surveyor has his old habits in coding features, station naming, etc. even though there are set standards. One guy would use all caps, another would use all small caps, another would use dash (T-1), another would use dots (T.1) etc. Some of these differences are also due to Total Station brands.

Office processing is now beginning to feel the glut in data processing. We have to combine all survey data from the different crews and adjust the traverse loop before doing the side shot processing.

There must be a better way to process huge amounts of data. A typical large topographic survey work has around 50,000-75,000 points.

What is your process?

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