Leica Geosystems announced the CGR10 and CGR15 radio modems for the Leica Viva CS 10 and CS 15 Controllers. Both modems are an ideal extension to the Leica Viva NetRover and Leica Viva GS12 rover. They can also be used with the Leica Viva GS10, GS15, and the new GS25 receiver.

The Leica CGR10 & 15 are receive-only UHF radios that can be mounted directly onto the Leica Viva CS10 and CS15 field controllers. Rugged, with an IP67 rating, the radio maintains the CS10 and CS15 field controllers’ outstanding ergonomics and integrates seamlessly with any existing Leica Viva GNSS system.

The Leica CGR10 now transforms the Leica Viva NetRover, consisting of a Leica Viva CS10 and the GS08 receiver, into a fully flexible RTK rover that supports both GSM/GPRS and UHF communications. Power is provided directly from the Leica Viva CS10 and 15 field controllers, and allows six hours on constant use. Together with the new SmartWorx Viva v4.0, the CGR10 and 15 provide compatibility with Satel, PacCrest GMSK and TrimTalk protocols.