Vancouver, BC – Safe Software announced the new release of its flagship product, FME 2012. This release of FME Desktop and FME Server introduces new tools for overcoming data challenges so that data can be used and shared precisely where, when and how it's needed.

Support for Popular Data Types
FME 2012 offers new capabilities in response to market needs. Now supporting over 275 formats, FME 2012's enhancements provide faster, simpler ways to transform data to use and share, and include:
  •   New Formats: New support for 16 new formats including: compressed point cloud LAZ format and Oracle Spatial Point Cloud; AIXM 5.1, INSPIRE, OpenGIS CityGML 1.1, and Top50NL XML formats; Microsoft DirectX, and PREGASIS OpenFlight 3D formats; Google Fusion Tables; and more.

  •   Point Cloud / LiDAR Data: Ability to transform billions of points in one workflow, and enhanced abilities to extract the precise subset of a point cloud dataset that is needed.

  •   XML Data: New and enhanced transformation capabilities make it even easier to read, write and prepare XML data – both the geometries and the geospatial components – without requiring knowledge of scripting languages.

  •   3D Data: Enhancements include making 3D clipping z-aware, making it easier to work with 3D local coordinate systems, and enhanced surface modeling, all in response to customer requests.
"Each year the market reveals new formats, and new challenges that need to be overcome to effectively transform data for use," says Dale Lutz, vice president of development at Safe Software. "We've responded to these market needs, and are now excited to watch the innovative ways our customers use FME to prepare their data assets for even greater uses."

New Ways to Relay Higher Value Information Immediately
FME Server's new event-driven architecture enables data that is available online or through data streams – for example, directly from sensors – to be automatically consumed, transformed and delivered in real time to power smarter business decisions. These new capabilities make FME Server an ideal spatial complex event processing (CEP) platform.

For example, as soon as data becomes available it can automatically be evaluated against rules, and relevant information can be immediately relayed to the people, systems and services that need it via email, text messaging, Twitter, web applications and more.

"The proliferation of data available on the web presents an exciting opportunity," says Don Murray, president of Safe Software. "By enhancing FME Server to consume and respond to this real-time data, our customers are empowered to automatically deliver the right data to the right people, right away."

Additional Key Enhancements
FME 2012 also provides a variety of enhancements to make transforming data even easier, including:
  •   New FME Store, which makes 3rd party components such as Custom Transformers, Custom Formats and workspaces available for download directly within the product.

  •   Expanded coordinate system support, enabling organizations to work more effectively with regional coordinate systems and point cloud datasets.

  •   Proven cloud support, with more cloud-ready FME infrastructure, new Amazon Machine Images (AMI), FME cloud deployment options and support for more cloud formats.
Discover FME 2012
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