MDL's Dynascan HD100 system, introduced during SPAR International 2012, uses an off the shelf FARO Focus3D phase-based scanner to create a mobile laser scanner for under $150,000. The system integrates the Focus3D scanner with a Dynascan HD100 pod to accomplish mobile scanning tasks at speeds up to 70 mph with a 300-degree field of view. For users who already have a Focus3D unit, the Dynascan HD100 pod alone can be purchased for under $120,000. The system is a complete GNSS/INS mobile scanning system and comes with all operating accessories, computer and software.

“The Focus3D has already rocked and revolutionized the tripod mounted phase scanning market, with hundreds sold since its launch less than two years ago,” said MDL President Steve Ball. “If you can't beat them – join them.”

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