C-Nav, a supplier of international GNSS Precise Point Positioning services is pleased to announce the launch of its improved five-centimeter C-NavC2 GNSS subscription service. C-NavC2 supports GPS + GLONASS corrections and delivers the most accurate real-time Precise Point Positioning solutions around the world.

C-NavC2 utilizes proprietary algorithms combined with high precision measurements from a global tracking network of multi-frequency, multi-constellation geodetic quality C-Nav3050 receivers to provide enhanced accuracy and performance anywhere, anytime.

Tim Patro, C-Nav Division Manager, says "C-Nav is a customer-focused service and the latest advances reflect our commitment to continuous development and investment in our business. Combining GPS and GLONASS correctors in C-NavC2 has given us superior performance and the ability to give our customers five-centimeter horizontal accuracy. The improved proprietary processing algorithms and satellite tracking network delivers the ultimate in performance and reliability."