Left: 3D inspection and measuring. Right: extraction of geometrical shapes for 3D measuring or reconstruction.

The new 6.3.1 Reshaper version from Technodigit offers new possibilities for the creation and extraction of geometrical shapes. New commands for lines, circles, square and round slots, planes, cylinders and spheres in the Construction menu of the software enable users to:

  • Edit or create geometrical shapes.
  • Compute the best shape of an entire object using different computational strategies and the ability to eliminate the worst points.
  • Extract shapes through a command that identifies in a point cloud, a mesh or a contour the relevant points for the shape extraction, using:
  1. a nominal or reference shape corresponding to the shape to be extracted,
  2. a clipping zone which defines the points used for the extraction. Thus, it is possible to remove chamfers or hole borders containing too many outliers.
  • Quickly create planes and cylinders through commands that directly extract planes, contours, holes and cylinders from one or several points without a reference shape.
  • Transform selected geometrical shapes into a polyline and/or a mesh through a  "Discretize" function.
Other features have been also added or improved in this new version. For more information, visit www.technodigit.com.