Toronto - Optech announced the keynote speakers for its third Imaging and LiDAR Solutions Conference (ILSC 2013). This is a special year for Optech and ILSC 2013, which will be held June 25 – 27 at the Holiday Inn Toronto Yorkdale. Many positive changes have occurred, and the leaders of the industry will share their insights and bring their unique perspective on the trends affecting users of LiDAR and camera technology.

Brian Doodyis chief executive officer of Teledyne DALSA, which is a leader in high-performance digital imaging sensors and advanced semiconductor fabrication services, and the primary shareholder of Optech Incorporated. He has been involved in, or responsible for, all aspects of Teledyne DALSA’s business over the course of more than 20 years at the company. In his role as CEO since 2007 (then DALSA Corporation), Doody has led the development and execution of the company’s strategic growth initiatives, which most recently include the expansion of Teledyne DALSA’s imaging technology to include the LiDAR capabilities within Optech. At ILSC 2013, Doody will illustrate how the combination of Optech and Teledyne DALSA’s technology and expertise will bring new benefits to the industry, and how Optech fits into the future of digital imaging within the company. He will also explain trends in image sensor technology within the remote sensing industry, including consumer-grade versus professional-grade sensors, factory photogrammetry and key markets for high-performance digital imaging.

Lawrie Jordanis director of Imagery for Esri, a developer of geographic information systems (GIS) software. A leader in the field of image processing and remote sensing, Jordan has advised numerous government organizations on current and future trends in imagery and satellite programs, and currently advocates for the successful use of GIS imagery in environmental, civil, defence and intelligence applications. Jordan’s presentation at ILSC 2013 will focus on how remote sensing with imagery and LiDAR is making GIS real-time, moving it beyond traditional mapping and analysis to enable dynamic operations and support. This being the year that Optech officially became an Esri business partner, Jordan will provide insight into how Optech’s customer base will benefit from this relationship.