Exelis Visual Information Solutions announced the release of ENVI 5, the next generation of ENVI, the company’s image analysis software, used by professionals who want to uncover hidden information in geospatial imagery in order to make better, more informed decisions.  ENVI 5 introduces imagery consumers to a streamlined user process for their image analysis workflow, making complex analysis tasks easier.  Designed to make image analysis accessible to users of virtually any experience level, ENVI 5 provides:

  • An intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface
  • A highly-efficient display for large datasets
  • New automated processes for several popular analysis tasks
  • A flexible application programming interface for customizing the software to unique user needs

ENVI 5 was developed to introduce efficiency and speed into the previously complex workflow of converting raw imagery into actionable information.  The new user process benefits today’s changing imagery consumer.

  • The ENVI 5 dynamic user interface provides time and effort-saving features to meet changing needs, introducing a single window display where all ENVI analysis tools are available with a single mouse click from an intuitive ribbon menu bar
  • Large, multi-gigabyte datasets common in the modern workflow are read and processed quickly and efficiently, allowing users to spend more time focusing on end results and less time waiting for them
  • Additionally, several new automated processes help new and experienced users alike obtain the answers they need faster, providing wizard-like processes to easily detect change between images taken over time, classify types of land cover materials in an area of interest, georeference points in an image to a basemap, and to orthorectify scenes for correcting sensor distortion.

To learn more about ENVI 5, please visit  http://www.exelisvis.com/ProductsServices/ENVI/ENVILatestRelease.aspx