(Monday; January 2, 2012) Following on the success of its industry-first SDS-Plus chuck countersinking drill bits for 2 inch concrete markers, which quickly set markers flush in concrete and asphalt, Berntsen International announced that the bits are now available for SDS-Max and chuck spline rotary hammers, in four sizes: 2-, 2-1/2-, 3-1/2-, and 4-inch.

“Based on feedback from customers,” said Berntsen Vice President Bill Rushing, “”We have refined the bit fitting routine to eliminate inefficiencies. Surveyors and contractors should now be able to ream the countersink to the correct depth and drill the stem hole in five minutes or less-that includes attaching the countersinking and drill bits and breaking everything down again!”

The countersinking bits drill precisely sized depressions with crisp edges that neatly fit Berntsen markers. When set with anchoring cement, the final monument will not catch snowplow blades, or collect water or ice. The new bits are modular in design so that grinding faces can be renewed without replacing the entire bit.

The bits, markers, and all accessories are available now atwww.berntsen.com.