Portland, Maine– A host of new features at SPAR International was announced by Lisa Murray, director of SPAR Point Group, producer of SPAR International.

“I am very excited about all the new ideas we’re implementing at this year’s event,” said Murray. “From new pricing options to presentation levels, live demonstrations and roundtable discussions, these new elements are designed to make SPAR International more accessible and enrich the attendee experience.”

SPAR International takes place April 15-18, 2012 at the Woodlands Waterway Marriot Hotel and Convention Center in The Woodlands in Houston.

“On the ‘accessibility’ front, we’re now offering single-day and exhibits-only passes,” said Murray. She said that while most people are interested in the full program, some can only attend for one day. “For the first time, we’re accommodating these busy professionals.” Similarly, she added, some people are only interested in the exhibits. “The exhibits-only pass will appeal to those individuals who are responsible for technology purchases and need to evaluate their options and spend time with technical leads.”

Also falling under the “accessibility” banner are presentation levels and workflow stage designations. Presentations will be rated “Beginner,” “Intermediate” or “Advanced,” depending on technical or procedural complexity. They will also be designated as focusing on one or more stages in the workflow: “Capture,” “Process,” “Deliver.” According to Murray, these labels allow attendees to select the presentations that best match their ability and needs.

Murray also shared news on the new features designed to augment the attendee experience:
  • Live demonstrations allow attendees to see various data capture methods and results first-hand. They’ll be able to determine which solutions best meet their unique needs, including considerations for accuracy, speed and cost. The scenarios include scanning equipment in the cooling room, a mock crime scene, a job site and more.
  • Roundtable discussions during lunch offer the opportunity to discuss a specific topic with peers, led by an expert in the field.
  • Expanded social events let 3D professionals network and have some fun. This year’s Industry Reception features the global debut of the Point Cloud All Stars, with SPAR Point Group Executive Editor Sam Pfeifle, MDL’s Travis Reinke, Sam Billingsley from Geophysical Data Management, CEEKO’s Chris Korkalo, Mike Gunn with 3SPACE and other musicians from the industry. They’ll be followed by Texas roots rockers Folk Family Revival. SPAR Point Group is also planning a festive evening off-site with networking and local entertainment.
The new features are getting excellent feedback from stakeholders, according to Murray. “The folks I’ve spoken with are pleased with these new initiatives. For us, it’s about always creating value for attendees and sponsors. We need to consistently deliver cutting-edge information and present innovative applications for 3D technology that drive the market forward. We want everyone to leave satisfied they acquired new ideas, new tools, new knowledge and new contacts they can only get at SPAR International.”

Full conference information can be foundhere.