Geo-Plus, the company behind the Vision Series announced the acquisition of the CAD department at CDWare Technologies Inc. (CDW). Those new solutions will be for field software, field notebook and GPS localization of road and civil road engineering software. They will be an essential part of the Vision Series at Geo-Plus, who will ensure the proper development and maintenance of the solutions owned by the DOT’s.

The acquisition of the CAD division of CDWare Technologies Inc. favors shares for Geo-Plus, already recognized as a leader in the geomatics area and field of surveying and civil engineering. In an interview with Mr. Beaupre, president of the company, Geo-Plus explained the facts as follows: "The combination of software and knowledge developed by CDWare Technologies and those of Geo-Plus will enable our customers to benefit from a more complete solution”, then added," We expect this acquisition to bring more efficiency and a significant improvement in market share.”