VirtualGrid announces the availability of VRMesh version 7.0 at the International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) in Denver.

This new release has significantly extended and enhanced the usability of VRMesh Survey module in the field of LiDAR data processing. The key contributions of VRMesh Survey are its unique capability to automatically classify point clouds under extreme variations in terrain and its excellent functionalities that allow you to extract building footprints and create 3D buildings in one click.

Unlike traditional LiDAR data processing workflows that have to extract ground points first before classifying vegetation and buildings, the first fundamental step in VRMesh Survey is to detect vegetation. It provides a next-generation solution to automatically extract vegetation, buildings and ground points from LiDAR data, no matter the data is gathered from steep slopes covered with dense vegetation or areas where there is very few ground points available.

Key features of VRMesh Survey empower users to:
  • Automatically classify LiDAR point clouds with high accuracy
  • Extract building footprints and create 3D buildings in one click
  • Detect powerlines and conduct a clearance analysis
  • Create a grid surface or an accurate meshed surface from point clouds
  • Import and export the shape file
  • Batch process multiple files