On December 20, 2011, LightSquared filed a petition with the FCC requesting that the commission resolve the regulatory status of commercial GPS receivers to the extent their operations may be impaired by the ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) of LightSquared’s licensed operations in the 1524-1559 MHz Mobile-Satellite Service (MSS) band.

LightSquared seeks a declaratory ruling that would establish that commercial GPS devices are not entitled to interference protection from LightSquared’s operations so long as LightSquared operates within the FCC’s technical parameters.

On Jan. 27, the FCCopened a public comment periodon the petition. The FCC will accept comments in response to LightSquared’s petition through Feb. 27, 2012, and will accept replies in response to those comments through March 13, 2012. Comments regarding LightSquared’s petition can be filed throughIB Docket No. 11-109. General comments regarding the regulatory status of GPS devices can be filed through ET Docket No. 10-142.