Posted by SURV1969

When there's no BFE.

The rules or instructions say that sections E, F, & G need to be filled in when there's no BFE and that a survey is not required . . . no elevations are needed.

STILL . . . for years surveyors in Ohio(at least in Trumbull County, Ohio), have been required to have a surveyor measure, report and certify elevations in areas with no BFE's.

I have informed clients that they don't need an E.C., but they always come back needing one . . . according to the county.

I have asked this before and all I get is that they need elevations and the elevations need to be certified.

I wonder if the county(and the state), are actually doing nothing more than gathering more information on the monies of the taxpaying citizenry . . . taxation without representation.

I wonder if anyone else makes Elevations Certifications in areas of no BFE?

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